Is Holi loosing its colour ?


Yesterday it was Holi, one of the most auspicious festivals of Hindus. What I have noticed over the period of time with this festival is the decreasing enthusiasm of people.

Every year our entire colony used to go to each others’ place and enjoy the fest but this year only a few of them were seen colored in the morning and a very few were noticed interested in visiting each other’s house in the eve. I have a feeling that as the city is progressing on the path of metros like Delhi, Mumbai etc, the way of celebrating the festival is changing as well. Now people spend more time sending Holi e-cards rather than meet them personally even if they live the very next door. Another reason why people a moving away may be the chemically made colors. I think that increased use of natural colors will definitely increase the involvement of a lot of people. Adding cherry on the cake, yesterday (the Holi day) there was chaos in the city, a bit away from where I live. Someone threw color on a mosque and the incident started taking shape of Hindu-Muslim riots. Things were immediately taken into control as Hon. President Smt Pratibha Patil is visiting the city tomorrow for the felicitation ceremony at my university, BHU.

Sri Balaji Society results will now be declared on 18th of March. That means I can easily make my choice between Sri Balaji Society and JIMS. Keeping fingers crossed.

You must be wondering of my university exams. I would rather not comment about my extremely light preparations this year.


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