Words of wisdom


In the last couple of days I shopped voraciously and still there is bit of more to come. Apart from all the preparations for my next destination, I have come across a few words of wisdom which I would like to carry with me and therefore quoting it on the blog.

It was the final day at BHU and we invited all the teachers for a small get together. One of the teachers Dr. Suman Mohan who never taught us, but was a esteemed faculty member of the department, also addressed the function. Her statement,

“Friends school ke yaad rehte hain aur teachers college/university ke”

really drew my attention because I immediately related the statement with my friends around. Of-course she was right I hardly have that close friends at BHU as compared to the ones from school.

Someone (I exactly don’t remember who) also told me about three points to note in order to scale new heights :

1) Dedication          2) Determination          3) Patience


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