Tuesday, April 24, 2018
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Modern Banking explained


A.) Bankers take more money from People and return less
B.) Bankers take even more money from People and return even less
C.) Bankers take HUGE amount of money from People and return nothing
The above steps are further explained below:

Conversation Between Girlfriend and Boyfriend

The Conversation in the brackets { } contain the words which the guy is speaking to himself !!!
She gives a missed call to him and He calls her back. You will surely enjoy it.

GDPI experience at JIMS, Rohini


It has now been quiet sometime since I went to Delhi for JIMS GDPI but now I feel like jotting down my experience overthere (after all it my blog, right). So here I am sharing my GDPI experience at JIMS, Rohini.
On reaching the institute the candidates were asked to sit in a hall which had admission cell people working with papers. The candidates who filled the hard copy of the form were required to report of their presence and wait for their turn. Those who applied online were given a similar form to fill before their process. I filled the hard copy of the form.
The candidates were then called for GD or PI in batches of 10-15. My batch was of around 12 candidates.

Cheer for Rahman, Not for Slumdog Millionaire

A phony poseur that has been made only to mock India for the viewing pleasure of the First World!!

The emperor’s new clothes! That’s “Slumdog Millionaire” for you… Five minutes into this celebrated patchwork of illogical clichés and you are struck by the jarring dialogues. The cumbersome delivery in a language which doesn’t come naturally to most of the actors sounds like someone scratching on walls with one’s finger nails; it ruins the possibility of a connection… Had this film been made by an Indian director, it would’ve been trashed as a rotting old hat, which literally stands out only because of its stench, but since the man making it happens to be from the West, we’re all left celebrating the emperor’s new clothes. The film borrows an undoubtedly interesting narrative style – from films like “City of God” – but then uses it to weave in a collection of clichés from the Third World’s underbelly for the viewing pleasure of a First World audience. The real slumdog in the movie is not the main protagonist but India as a whole… The makers and those celebrating this movie’s hard-to-spot brilliance are actually serving up India as the accidental millionaire, which in fact happens to be a slumdog… and like shameless fools we are gloating over its success without realising that it makes a caricature out of India.

Spandan 2009 – Debate competition – Capitalism is the only solution for Development of India

Its my debate competition at the interfaculty youth fest of BHU, Spandan. The topic is ‘Capitalism is the only solution for development of India’ and I am speaking against the motion.
Here is the speech that I have prepared. Keeping fingers crossed…..