Brand differentiation using service promise – Ford and Samsung Example

Brand differentiation is one of the key parameters to brainstorm in the life of a brand manager. The brand ethos of he product flow seamlessly into various media vehicles say TV, Print, Radio and Digital. However, in most of the cases the market stays cluttered with multiple brand trying to compete for consumers’ share of mind. Brand differentiation therefore becomes to drive home the message.

Brands may differentiate on the basis of:

  1. Product Features: Features of a product very much defines that expectation off consumers from the product. e.g. Everyone expects a technology rich device from Apple. If the brand doesn’t deliver that the product fails. One drawback with this is that product features can be replicated by competitors quickly so solely relying on this is not the best bet for brands
  2. Product Experience: Experience of consumers with the product directly influences the brand. Unlike product features, experience is difficult to replicate by competitors.
  3. Product Pricing: The product can either be made available at a discount or by charging a premium. The pricing and other parameters need to go hand in hand. A brand can command a premium only when the product features and experience are superior.
  4. Service Promise: As the difference between product features and pricing amongst competing Product service is a critical consumer touch point and needs to be dealt withthe same brand promise as the product. e.g. Apple service centers are located at prime locations and pamper the customer while his/her product gets fixed.


Example of Brand Differentiation via Service Promise

Ford differentiates brand promising cheaper service cost

Ford in India was suffering from the misconception that the service cost of their cars is high when compared to rivals like Maruti Suzuki and Hyundai. The company launched a 360 degree campaign talking about the misconceptions around their service cost. The campaign as mainly driven by a series of ads featuring the villains of Bollywood and Indian television in an act which makes the viewer think of the obvious from them. However, it turns out to be a false perception. Prior to Ford, Maruti Suzuki in the auto industry had already done a extensive campaign on service promise ‘No matter where you go, you’ll find a Maruti service station’ in early 90s.

Samsung follows the service communication route to cut the cluttered telecom space

In the same year as Ford, Samsung also jumped in to the service promise bandwagon to differentiate in the cluttered consumer durable space. When rivals like Sony, LG, Whirlpool, Panasonic, Oppo, Vivo, Gionee etc were boosting one product feature over the other, Samsung quietly took the service promise route to break the clutter. This campaign didn’t only take over the customers emotionally but also provided comfort with the brand Samsung after major goof ups with the Samsung Galaxy Note where the product had to be recalled on a global scale because of battery issues in the same year. US formally recalls Samsung Galaxy Note 7 smartphone

Bigg Boss TRP reveals that season 10 is really crucial

Bigg Boss Season 10 starts airing tonight on Colors. The show has been an addiction for the audience over the years. With celebrity hosts and uninterrupted weeklong entertainment, Bigg Boss TRP is always on the radar of marketers while media planning.

Bigg Boss TRP & Brand Integrations

The ad rates jump multifold on Colors when media is bought on ROS (Run on Schedule) during Bigg Boss timings. However, not all seasons of Bigg Boss have made up there in terms of TRPs. In fact, season 9 of Bigg Boss had the lowest viewership and advertisers might feel cheated paying a premium for ad spots during the show. Not only normal TVC spots, but also brand integrations in the Bigg Boss house are looked upon. CP Plus, Maruti Suzuki, Oppo etc- spent huge on the show. In Season 10, Appy Fizz and Oppo again have bet their monies on the show.

Bigg Boss TRP – All Seasons

Lets have a look on how the previous seasons have performed on the charts:

Season Host Peak TRP Key Members
Season 1 Arshad Warsi 2.72 Rakhi Sawant
Season 2 Shilpa Shetty 3.02 Rahul Mahajan
Season 3 Amitabh Bacchan 3.06 KRK
Season 4 Salman Khan 6.70 Dolly Bindra
Season 5 Salman Khan & Sanjay Dutt 4.30 Sunny Leone
Season 6 Salman Khan 4.40 Imam Siddique
Season 7 Salman Khan 4.32 Ajaz Khan
Season 8 Salman Khan & Farah Khan 3.28 Gautam Gulati
Season 9 Salman Khan 2.90 Prince Narula


Season 4 of Bigg Boss has been the top grosser with a peak TRP of 6.7. This season was the first time when Salman Khan was hosting a show on Indian television. Also, with the plots created in the house coupled with a yelling Dolly Bindra grabbed eyeballs. The advertisers certainly raked in the moolah in this season. However, post this season the show’s TRP has almost been on a decline. Another reason for this is the movement of the show to a 10:30 time slot from Season 5. The last season i.e. season 9 of Bigg Boss had a dismal rating of 2.90 which was almost as good as the first season. The second best season after season 4 is season 6 with TRP of 4.40. Though this season comes to the second spot but the difference in the TRP numbers can not be ignored which is quite significant.

Bigg Boss TRP with change in timings

During the seasons the time of the show has changed. The highest Bigg Boss TRP in season 4 came at a time when the show was being telecasted on prime time. Post this season the show has moved to a 10:30 PM slot on weekdays. For all seasons where the show had been in the late night slot, it will be unfair to benchmark season 4 TRPs. However considering the lowest ever TRP in the last 5 seasons being in season 9 is a matter of concern. For media buyers, Big Boss Season 10 could very well be a risk which can either pay off handsomely or put them in trouble. Another point for concern with media buyers would be the simple fact that whether it is wise to consider the show as prime time with respect to the time slot.

TV Commercial : Tanishq Solitaires Ad (Nov 2012) – Because there is only one love

Agency: Lowe Lintas
Client: Tanishq
Creative: Arun Iyer, Rajesh Ramaswamy, Ujjwal Kabra, Prasad Baggi, Indrasish Mukherjee and Adarsh Atal.
Business: Sudhir Rajasekharan, Pritish Wesley , Asha AP
Planning: Vikram Satyanath
Production: Curious Films, Mumbai
Director: Vivek Kakkad

Solitaires are something that Tanishq has not advertised for a while. This campaign targets slightly older couples because you need to reach a certain life stage where you have a certain amount of money to afford a solitaire. The brief was to tell a couple who have been in a marriage for a little bit that a solitaire is the ultimate symbol of love: that was the positioning from where the idea developed. The thought was that ‘there is only one love’ and the TVC was an articulation of this thought. The tenth anniversary looked like a good occasion to gift a solitaire.“

This Ad seems on the same line as Cadbury Celebrations theme. Even the background score is somewhat similar.

The good point is that no matter you might perceive it as a Cadbury Celebration ad but it still brings a smile on your face by the time it ends.



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