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Cultural Factors Effecting Consumer Behaviour (Philip Kotler Summary)

Culture: - Most fundamental determinant of a person’s wants & behaviour. - Defined by- Value Systems. Perceptions. Preferences. Behaviour.   - Manifest through our approach to Achievement/ Success. Activity. Freedom. Efficiency/ Practicality. Progress. Material comfort. Humanitarianism/ Spiritualism.   - The various...

Understanding Consumer Behaviour (Philip Kotler Summary)

Stimulus Response Model Decision:                                                                     Product Choice. Brand Choice. Dealer Choice. Purchase Timing. Purchase Amount. Marketing Structure: Product. Price. Place. Promotion. Other Structure: Economic. Technological. Political. Cultural. Buyer’s Character: Social. Cultural. Personal. Psychological. Buyer’s Decision Process: Problem recognition. Information search. Evaluation. Decision. Post-Purchase behaviour. Factors Influencing Buying Behaviour: Cultural: Culture. Sub – culture. Social class. Social: Reference groups. Families. Roles/...