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4 Strategies on How to Choose a Brand Name (Philip Kotler Summary with Examples)

Devising a Branding Strategy: How to Choose a Brand Name One of the most important branding decisions while devising a branding strategy is how to...

Best Indian Ads – Fevicol Pakde Rehna Ad

Among the Best Indian Ads, Fevicol ads have always been quirky and effective in communication of product promise. The product category is low involvement,...

Devising a Branding Strategy (Philip Kotler Summary)

While devising a branding strategy, a firm may choose to pick existing brand elements common to other products or line of business or may...

TV Viewership in India during Coronavirus Lockdown

India took lockdown measures to contain Coronavirus outbreak in the country. Since then, a lot of things have changed drastically – one of them being TV Viewership in India during Coronavirus Lockdown. Let’s look how TV Viewership numbers have shaped up so far in the lockdown period.
Brand Rejuvenation of Mountain Dew

What is Brand Revitalization? (Philip Kotler Summary with Examples)

Brand Revitalization refers to the set of activities a brand undertakes to stay relevant in changing the environment. As a process of Brand Revitalization, these changes might be only restating the brand promise with more clarity OR by taking a completely new positioning altogether.