Airtel’s latest Ice Cream Truck Ad hits the emotional chord of viewers

As gradually revenue figures of telecom operators are moving towards becoming data dominated, Airtel rolls out its new campaign, the latest Ice Cream Truck ad, focusing on how data consumption can connect people around the globe. The ad was aired for the first time on 13th March 2015.In congruence with their legacy, Airtel once again aims at hitting the emotional chord of viewers. An approach, similar to their previous ads (e.g. Wife-Boss Ad). The storyboard has been brilliantly crafted to hit the viewers in one view. The TVC which lasts for about 1:30 mins is exceptionally long when compared to other advertisers in the telecom space but doesn’t surprise us when it comes from Airtel who has had a habit of airing ads which run more than a minute. Both the TVC and digital version of the ad runs for almost the same time duration. Thereby, Airtel successfully manages to create a story and then hit emotions in the last few seconds.

This version of the ad, as the trend has been, shall air for sometime and shall be replaced by a shorter version once the story is built up in the mind of consumers.

We congratulate Airtel’s team for creating a masterpiece yet again.

You can watch Airtel’s latest Ice Cream Truck ad below.


    • Rishi, this is basically because of the declining revenues from SMS and call volumes with the service providers. To sustain, violating net neutrality is something which they want to resort to.

  1. Can anyone tell me that actor’s name and details who is playing uncle’s role in this ad.
    I want to approach them for my short film .


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