It is possible that you are hitting all the right chords with your SEO strategy by targeting the most searched keywords in your areas. However, not everyone is fortunate enough to make it to the first page of Google Search Results. At the time when you are gunning for the popular keywords, many others too are. In such cases focussing on Long Tail Keywords in your area of interest might prove to be super effective. But one question which keeps haunting publishers is – how to find long tail keywords – and the tools and techniques which can be used to discover keywords which they can target.

The key is the research which goes behind zeroing upon on long tail keywords with low-competition and high conversion rates. Here we discuss few tools which might help answering the question – how to find long tail keywords !

1What Are Long Tail Keywords?

Long tail keywords are highly targeted search phrases to a particular subject or topic. These keywords might have low search volume, low competition, and typically have high conversion rates.

We call these keywords “long-tail” because if you were to plot your keywords by their search volumes, these would be on the “long tail” end of the search demand curve, which means few people are searching for these terms each month.

Though the search volume of these keywords is low, long-tail keywords are often easier to rank for and result in higher conversions than seed keywords. Long Tail Keywords clarify the intent of the user and therefore the chances of conversion are higher.

For example, a user search “apple iphone 7 transparent cover price ” shows a clear intent to purchase. Comparatively, a search for “iPhone 7” is a lot less clear; the user might be looking for more information about the smartphones, searching for new launches from Apple.

2Why Long-tail Keywords Are Important in SEO

Almost all the upcoming websites get maximum traffic from long tail keywords. If you are a publisher, you may check your analytics and you would find that this stands true in your case as well. The long tail keywords you rank for will generally be related to you area of business, study, trade or whatever you are publishing for.

Though, it clear that log tail keywords are unavoidable but let figure out what makes them so enticing for a blogger or publisher.

Long Tail Keywords Bring Less Competition With Them

The Long tail keywords are specific to business and your niche, and as a result search volume is low. The brighter side of this is that it is relatively easy to rank high for these keywords as the competition is low. Even basic on page SEO and some link building can help you cut the clutter.

Long Tail Keywords Lead to Higher Conversions

Long tail keywords clearly state consumer’s intent. Whether the user merely wants to know about the product or has an intent to purchase can easily been discovered and thereby lead to higher conversions. e.g. – ‘iPhone 7 Features’ and ‘iPhone 7 Price in US’ show different intents.

3How to Find Long Tail Keywords – Tools and Techniques

As discussed, earlier, the most important part is to identify the long tail keywords for your business that would work. How to find long tail keywords is a question to which a lot of budding writers seek an answer. You can use some of the existing tools to export some long tail keywords and start targeting them.

Ranking for the right long-tail keywords is no less than hitting a jackpot.

Discovering new long-tail keywords is easy, and you can create an exhaustive list in minutes. Now lets focus on how to find long tail keywords and tools and techniques which can come useful.

Google Search Console

Before jumping into an unknown territory its better to dive in the dat you already have. If your website/blog is linked with the Google Search Console you can follow the following steps to get a list of Long Tail Keywords with which you can start.

  • Step 1: Open your Search Console
  • Step 2: Click Search Traffic
  • Step 3: Search Analytics and then select Clicks, Impressions, and Position
  • Step 4: Scroll to the bottom and click Download to receive the entire list.

You can scan you social media count and or web properties which yo think can unearth new terms. This is the first answer to your question of – How to Find Long Tail Keywords.

Google Auto Complete Tool

Many times neglected, but the Google auto suggestion tool can come in very useful to track keywords. Type each parent keyword into Google and write down its auto complete suggestions.

Google Search Suggestion Tool

Another ignored insight you can extract from Google is the Search Suggestion Tool. Search for your parent keyword and you will find related searches at the bottom of the search result page.
How to Find Long Tail Keywords

Using Google Adwords for Finding Long Tail Keywords

Though Google Adwords used to be a great tool to find search queries and plan content accordingly, however recently Google has restricted the search volume information to ‘range’ rather than specific values. Therefore, the utility of Adwords has reduced while planning any sort of keywords – be it regular or Long Tail.

4Converting Long Tail Keyword into SEO Friendly Content

After acquiring list of keywords from the above mentioned sources, it time to further sort the list to actionable long tail keywords. First and foremost, from the laundry list of keywords we have, we need to remove keywords which do not reflect an intent.

After the sorting is done, we will have the top 25, or say 50, Long Tail Keyword which we can start working upon and optimise webpages. Below is an example of how you can convert intent driven long tail keywords into meaningful content with high conversions.

For example, if you wanted to target keywords about “noise cancelling headphones,” your list might look like this:

Long Tail Keywords Consumer Intent Possible Content
iPhone 7 Amazon; iPhone 7 Tesco Find places to buy iPhone 7 10 best places to buy iPhone 7


The new content or event existing content can be optimised around the Long Tail Keywords which have been zeroed upon. This is an ongoing process with new content new search analytics which keep on throwing new keywords for you to target.

Good Luck.

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