Idea Cellular TVC – The Honey Bunny Song – Example of Confused Positioning


Recently I came across a new approach by Idea Cellular in their advertisements which made me think about routes telecom service providers are following to communicate effectively to the customers.

As I see a bigger picture, advertising among all Indian telecom service providers have followed a particular theme/rendition coupled with a gradual change over a period of time. They either focus on the customer base they operate in or keep a sync with a particular campaign they are focus on or matching requirements in the current market scenario.

Though these phases of advertising have been close but rarely overlapping for each brand.

Picking up Airtel, the brand never talks about  a lower call rate, or better network coverage or a better customer support but instead it focuses on the human touch behind connecting to people. Through effective campaigns like ‘Har ek friend zaroori hota hai‘ and ‘Jo tera hai woh mera hai‘ Airtel has touched the heart of millions.

Reliance, in their ads talk about being cost effective all the time. Low cost, reduced bills, customized plans are some aspects the play round.

Vodafone is my favorite the way they have followed a phased approach. The brand talked about cost effectiveness (through Irfan Khan ads), effective coverage (the pug series of ads) and various propositions (via the Zoo Zoo ads). As you read the last line, you can recall all the three series of ads. Thats what an effective campaign leaves you with.

But when I see at Idea Cellular, I am confused and unable to draw any strategy which they might be following. On one hand they talk about What an Idea Sirjee which has been their flagship series of ads starring Abhishek Bacchan. On the other hand, they launched festival specific ads where they targeted 3 festivals – Diwali, Eid and Christmas. It wasn’t odd till I came across a new set of ad ‘Honey Bunny Song’ much before Christmas arrived. I was expecting the festive season Christmas ad to be running solely at least till Christmas.  The Honey Bunny song would have been an awesome launch in New Year.

Above all, all the 3 genre of ads are running simultaneously on AIR. Come on !!! Can telecom service providers buy so much AIR time especially when their ARPU (Average Revenue Per User) is down like never before and Spectrum costs are as if you are buying the rainbow. Airing all 3 ads creates confusion among audiences as all 3 have no common message.

As I see it, Honey Bunny Song is just an attempt by Idea Cellular to get one of their assets viral. I don’t deny that the song is not catchy, but could have been launched at a better time, may be New Year 2013.

Anyways, wishing Idea Cellular’s team good luck and hope that the song reaches the tipping point like a Gangnam Style or a Kolaveri Di which looks tough with the kind of video the song is coupled with.

Check out the lyrics and video of ‘The Honey Bunny Song’ HERE


  1. Correctly analysed… But in addition to your points I think Idea wanted to establish a Pan India presence via the Honey Bunny Song…


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