Netflix India’s most popular shows in 2019

Netflix India's Most Popular Shows 2019


Recently, Netflix India released a report on how India is consuming OTT content on their platform while they released Netflix India’s Most Popular Shows 2019.

Though, all the OTT platforms will have a story to tell but we can trust Netflix on their data considering their global prowess in data mining and intelligence.

Netflix India's Most Popular Shows 2019

The above data on Netflix India’s Most Popular Shows 2019 busts some myths:

  1. The myth that Netflix viewers are mainly the ones watching English shows is busted by the above data. Clearly only one series – Sex Education makes the cut. Remaining all shows are indegenous.
  2. Netflix touted much about their original content is way behind when it comes audience actually watching their original content. The most watched shows have considerable Bollywood releases, even a Karan Johar movie.
  3. Though, Drive was criticised in reviews but it still makes it to the top 5 shows on the platform. Karan Johar certainly knows something about the Indian audience which others don’t.

With the OTT wars heating up, 2020 could be the year of consolidation in the industry. Netflix will definitely up the game and it will bring a visual treat for the audience.


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