O Bhaisaab : Sunday Flea Market Campaign by Shopclues

The late entrant into the e-commerce space, Shopclues, is cutting the clutter with its humorous, catchy and highly engaging ads for its various online products & services. Shopclues has been witty with its campaigns in the past and this one as well sticks to the consumers atleast once if not forever.The Sunday Flea Market for which Shopclues has rolled out the ‘O Bhaisaab’ campaign aims at promoting sales of utilitarian products consumers always need at home but, somehow, never makes to the shopping list. O Bhaisaab ! campaign was launched to overcome the challenge that all e-commerce ventures face – that of low weekend traffic. On weekdays, people log on during work hours, but this is reversed on holidays.Though, the company might be facing some bashing from the customers on fake and low quality of products, however we feel that the ad is kickass.

Enjoy the TVC Below :


Brand : Shopclues (Clues Network)
Type of Company : B2C Online Shopping Portal
Client : Clues Network
Date of Release : Nov 30, 2015
Additional credits : Creative: Ashish-Khazanchi, O. R. Radhakrishnan, Santosh Jekate, Vighnesh G, Savio Banerjee, Neha Sukumar, Bharat Gujurati
Servicing: Ajay Verma, Nikhlesh Jhingan, Dyuti Biswas, Smriti Chhabra Pant, Bharat Gupta
Planning: Poonam Raichura
Production House: Storytellers films
Director: Arun Gopalan
Producer: Zina khan



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