Paper Boat is a unique brand when it comes to beverages. Hector Beverages have managed to pull off a brand full of nostalgia right from their communication to packaging. We discussed saw Paper Boat New Year Campaign last year and now Paper Boat Rakshabandhan Ad is another unique piece of production. Check out the two videos released by the brand below:

Paper Boat Rakshabandhan Ad 2017 – Spot 1

Paper Boat Rakshabandhan Ad 2017 – Spot 2

Though, the ads, conceptualized by Lowe Lintas, justify the brand promise but we feel that more relevant stories could have been picked to hit that emotional chord. Also, the production looks very close to the Red Bull caricature ads which talks about ‘Red Bull Gives You Wings’.

These ads have had a muted response over social media unlike other Paper Boat Ads which are widely celebrated.


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