Why Coca Cola dropped Salman Khan from Thums Up?

Coca Cola confirms not renewing Salman Khan's contract for their brand Thumbs Up.


Coca Cola India has recently confirmed that the company has not renewed superstar Salman Khan’s contract for their brand Thums Up. This move comes at a time when Salman Khan has started hosting the new season of his addictive TV show Bigg Boss Season 10. The company claims that the reason of the move is seeking a better brand fit, as the actor is now too old for the brand which caters to a young energetic audience. Consequently, Coca Cola dropped Salman Khan from Thums Up endorsement. However, if we read between the lines, the real reason of exit could be something else.

Brand Ambassadors of Thums Up in India

Salman Khan was roped in as brand ambassador of Thums Up in October 2012. Prior to Salman Khan, actor Akshay Kumar was the face of Thums Up from early 2000s. The brand also roped in few big names like Mahesh Babu from the southern part of the country. Salman Khan has been widely recognised as the face of Thums Up in India a result of his prolonged relationship with the brand, almost more than 4 years. Also, the actor’s popularity is at a all time high with super hits movies in the multi crore club recently. Both of his recent released – Bajarangi Bhaijan & Sultan broke all records at the box office. Thereby, it quite evident that there is no dearth in the star’s popularity. Still Coca Cola dropped Salman Khan from Thums Up. Then, what might have lead to this move by Coca Cola India?

The real reason why Coca Cola dropped Salman Khan from Thums Up endorsement

Coca Cola dropped Salman KhanCoca Cola India claims that the company is looking for a younger face for the brand and has indicated roping in Ranveer Singh. However, this doesn’t fall in place considering the fact that there is hardly any change in Salman Khan’s aura in the last 4 years when he was signed for the brand. Thereby claiming just the age factor doesn’t sound convincing enough.


Now lets see few finer details the actors latest engagements.

Salman Khan hosts Bigg Boss 10 presented by Appy Fizz

Salman has hosted the premier episode of Bigg Boss Season 10 recently and kick started the season. Season 10 has a different title sponsor this year. The season is presented by Appy Fizz who takes away the title sponsorship. Salman has a mandate to mention the sponsor names during the show as he did it beautifully in the grand premiere stressing on Appy Fizz multiple times. Appy Fizz competes with the product portfolio of Coca Cola India and the official might not have been happy with their brand ambassador talking about a competing product.

Salman Khan’s controversial comment on Pakistani artists in India

Also, the decision comes just 20 days after the Bollywood superstar courted controversy by supporting Pakistani artists on the debate whether they should be allowed to work in Indian movies following the Uri attack. A lot of hue and cry has gone around the matter of Pakistani artists working in India. Major influential groups across the country have boycotted movies, artists etc- form the neighbouring country. Salman Khan’s statement in support of the Pakistani artists must have played a vital role in this move. Coca Cola India must have been apprehensive on any spill over effect of boycott on over Salman Khan and the product he endorses. The brand Thums Up might go for a toss.

No matter what the company claims but we are sure that its not just the age factor which has led to the star’s exit from the brand.


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